All gateways secure

GateScanner Security Dome  – Comprehensive content channel 

  • Secure File Sharing and uploads
  • Secure Mail
  • Browser-based portable (USB) media security
  • Browser plugin for Web downloads
  • Automated file transfers
  • Automation client for B2B  and internal file-vault synchronization
  • Cloud storage synchronization

GateScanner® Cybersecurity Kiosk is a freestanding physical appliance featuring portable media ports and a touch-screen providing managed and secure file import from portable devices to the network environment, via ‘safe ports’.  Users can freely transfer files from any removable media device to internal network destinations (or to other devices), without jeopardizing network security or NERC CIP/ NIST compliance.

GateScanner® Desktop  – Endpoint users can freely import files from removable devices (USB) to their workstations, or other network destinations, without compromising network security. The client-server application is triggered by the insertion of a portable device and proceeds to guide users through a controlled import process that is in full compliance with NERC CIP managed access requirements.

GateScanner® Mail – CDR security for Mail Relay/SEG

‘Better than detection’ email security for your email server, Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology overcomes both known and unknown (‘signature-less’) malware entering on the email channel.
Each and every incoming message/attachment are deconstructed to their basic components, deep-scanned with multi-AV engines and purged of malicious and active content. File-spoofing attempts are identified and blocked; password-protected attachments are unpacked and scanned via user prompts.

GateScanner® API provides developers with tools to seamlessly insert GateScanner’s powerful file-cleansing technology into any data process. Files are directed to a scalable grid of GateScanner AV engines for fast, in-depth scanning with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology applied, returning new and completely safe copies back to the source.

GateScanner® Application Server is a server-based application that provides secure file transfer between applications.
A typical implementation involves securing the transfer of files between two networks (such as internal/Web) or between two network zones with varying degrees of security.

GateScanner® InjectorData diodes support network segmentation schemes such as those required by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and other cyber-security frameworks. Networks of varying security levels can be implemented to achieve highly-secure, physically isolated network environments required for the protection of critical systems and assets.

GateScanner® Appliance Security performs entire HDD AV scans on MS Windows-based computing appliances and devices including SCADA/ICS, aviation computers, drones, medical-imaging equipment and point of sale (POS) systems to ensure their integrity.


Sample Uses:

  • Scanning an entire laptop before entering an OT/critical network
  • Aviation and naval computers
  • C4ISR systems (UAV ground controllers)

GateScanner® DICOM Protector enables healthcare IT teams the ability to offer direct uploading of imaging files from portable media by staff and the general public, without risking the healthcare-system’s network security.

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