GateScanner Cybersecurity Kiosk

GateScanner Kiosk USB scanning stations for secure file transfers

A GateScanner® Kiosk is a free-standing station with portable media ports and a touch-screen, providing managed, secure file import from portable devices into the enterprise network. Users can freely transfer files from their removable media to destinations on the network – or to other removable devices – without compromising network security or NERC CIP/ NIST compliance.

GateScanner Kiosk applies advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to the incoming files, eliminating both known and unknown (‘signature-less’) malicious code that may potentially be embedded in them.
The GateScanner cyber security kiosk can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or in a networked configuration. 

GateScanner Kiosk Implementation

Optionally, the USB scanning kiosks can be coupled with data diodes, such as GateScanner® Injector, to support network isolation/segmentation and cross domain solutions (CDS). 

These cybersecurity kiosks also provide IT teams with managed file-export control, providing policy-based file redaction for prevention of data-loss/data exfiltration, or for data-protection and GDPR compliance.

Main Features:

GateScanner Kiosk by Sasa Software
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