GateScanner Application Server

GateScanner Application Server – Securing file transfers

GateScanner® Application Server is a server-based application that provides secure file transfer between applications.
A typical implementation involves securing the transfer of files between two networks (such as internal/Web) or between two network zones with varying degrees of security. 

GateScanner Application Server, transparently inserted into the data flow, submits each passing file to rigorous sanitization using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, delivering a completely safe and harmless file to the destination.
GateScanner Application Server can be coupled with our data diode, 
GateScanner® Injectorto deliver secure, air-gapped network segmentation/isolation, commonly used in critical infrastructure and ICS network security.

Main Features:

  • Supported file sources/destinations: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, UNC, SMB, shared/local folders
  • Built-in 3rd-party integration capability with existing security tools such as sandboxes and next-gen AV's
  • Policy-based configuration: customized scanning profiles according to user/group policies with multiple authentication options including Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Hundreds of file types supported including MS Office suite, PDF, media files (images, audio, video), archives (ZIP, RAR, 7z, CAB), PST, OST, .eml, installation files, executables, XML, HTML, other text files, medical imaging files (DICOM), password protected and customized files.
  • Central administration, detailed activity reports, interfaces with SIEM/Syslog, automated updates
  • GateScanner engines offer zero-downtime, on-the-fly scalability with built-in Active-Active load balancing
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