GateScanner Security Dome

GateScanner Security Dome – Transfer, store and share with CDR security built in

File sharing with clients, partners and the supply chain is an essential part of daily business operations yet it opens a wide attack surface through which bad actors can achieve initial footholds from which to launch ransomware, zero-day’s and APT attacks.

As malware continues to evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated, even NextGen and AI-based tools fail to detect up to 10% of file embedded malware.

GateScanner Security Dome ‘s CDR technology is capable of blocking even undetectable (‘signatureless’/ morphing) malware. Equipped with extensive file transfer and storage capabilities – the Dome brings unprecedented security into a full-featured MFT and digital vault solution.

GateScanner Security Dome features:

    • Secured file transfer and storage with built-in CDR file sanitization
    • Large files supported
    • Outlook integration
    • Automated file transfers
  • Cloud to/from upload/download
  • Portable media (USB) security
  • Secure web download on Chrome
  • REST API implementation
  • Basic file redaction capability

Key Benefits:

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