GateScanner Security Dome

GateScanner Security Dome – Safe File Sharing

Content sharing with external collaborators – through emails, shared documents or images – is essential for the daily operations of the enterprise, but it creates a wide attack surface and constitutes a major security risk for the network. Malicious actors can insert hidden embedded malware in the incoming files. 

File-embedded attacks, containing zero days, exploits, and other weaponized content, increasingly evade the standard ‘scan and detect’ technologies that are commonly deployed by organizations.


GateScanner Security Dome is an all-in-one, multi-route, multi-AV solution, offering extreme file sanitization with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology applied to every incoming file, on all content-bearing channels.

GateScanner Security Dome features :

    • Secure file sharing and safe uploads
    • Secure email
    • Browser-based portable (USB) media security
    • Browser plugin for secure web downloads
    • Automated file transfers
    • Encrypted digital file vault
    • Automation client for B2B  and internal file-vault synchronization
    • Cloud storage synchronization
    • REST API  Connector


Key Benefits:

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