GateScanner Desktop

GateScanner Desktop – Securing USB ports on computers and laptops

With GateScanner® Desktop, endpoint users can freely import files from removable devices (USB) to their workstations, or other network destinations, without compromising network security. The client-server application is triggered by the insertion of a portable device and proceeds to guide users through a controlled import process that is in full compliance with NERC CIP managed access requirements.
During the import, USB de-contamination procedures first identify and block any potentially rogue devices and then the selected files are sent to GateScanner’s multi-AV, Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) engine/s for deep file sanitization. At the other end, new and completely safe copies of the originals are generated, to be delivered to pre-selected destinations – with minimal delay.

Key Features:

  • Portable device security with highly-scalable client-server architecture
  • Isolates and detects rogue devices (BadUSB, RubberDucky, BashBunny, hidden partition exploits, etc)
  • Hundreds of file types supported including MS Office suite, PDF, media files (images, audio, video), archives (ZIP, RAR, 7z, CAB), PST, OST, .eml, installation files, executables, XML, HTML, other text files, medical imaging files (DICOM), password protected and customized files.
  • Policy-based configuration: customized scanning profiles according to user/group policies with multiple authentication options including Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Scan verification - processed files can be digitally signed and sealed to validate they were scanned by GateScanner
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