GateScanner PE


GateScanner PE – bootable offline disk scanning  

GateScanner PE performs entire HDD Multi-AV scans on MS Windows-based computing appliances and devices including SCADA/ICS, aviation computers, drones, medical-imaging equipment and Point of Sale (POS) systems to ensure their integrity.

Using WinPE technology, GateScanner PE is loaded pre-boot, gaining access to the entire hard disk drive including protected sectors. The entire drive is scanned with multiple AV’s leading to a dramatic improvement in the level of malware detection and disinfection. As no software is installed and no configurations are altered, the device’s operational integrity remains intact.

 A typical use case would be protecting a manufacturer’s production line from supply-chain attacks that could occur when machines are sent out for maintenance by third-party service providers. Upon their return, these appliances’ hard disks are deep-scanned for any malicious elements that may have been embedded on them off-site, prior to reconnecting them back to the production-floor network.

The application can be implemented via USB external storage or burned to CD.

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