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GateScanner Storebridge
Browse, transfer and sync between local and remote storages

Storebridge Features:

    • Connect, browse, create and delete folders in AWS, Azure, FTP/SFTP, Local and UNC
    • Transfer large files and folders, preserving folder structures
    • Options include – copy/cut, ‘sync new files only’, ‘set sync frequency’, ‘set active hours’
    • Detailed reporting with extensive filtering – automated route status, transfer history, error logging and notifications (Syslog/SMTP)
    • Thread management for load-balancing
    • Option to use with proxy
    • For GateScanner Security Dome users:  Direct link to GateScanner Security Dome CDR file sanitization and digital vaults W/remote scanning profile selection

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* ‘Storebridge Essentials’ free version supports one (1) automated ‘Local to Cloud’ connection and unlimited manual transfers.

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