GateScanner Injector

GateScanner Injector – Unidirectional gateways for network segmentation

GateScanner® Injector complements the GateScanner suite of network security tools with a unidirectional diode-based gateway. Unidirectional gateways, also known as optical data diodes, are physical devices that allow data to travel between networks in one direction only, preventing data from being extracted from the destination network.

Data diodes support network segmentation schemes such as those required by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and other cyber-security frameworks. Networks of varying security levels can be implemented to achieve highly-secure, physically isolated network environments required for the protection of critical systems and assets.

GateScanner Injector integrates seamlessly with other GateScanner products to offer a complete data-sanitization and DLP solution at the gateway.

GateScanner Injector’s software features:

GateScanner Injector’s software hardware

* Specifications subject to change

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