GateScanner Appliance Security

GateScanner Appliance Security – Securing computing appliances 

GateScanner® Appliance Security performs entire HDD AV scans on MS Windows-based computing appliances and devices including SCADA/ICS, aviation computers, drones, medical-imaging equipment and Point of Sale (POS) systems to ensure their integrity.

Using WinPE technology, GateScanner Appliance Security is loaded pre-boot, gaining access to the entire hard disk drive including protected sectors. The entire drive is scanned with multiple AV’s leading to a dramatic improvement in the level of malware detection and disinfection. As no software is installed and no configurations are altered, the device’s operational integrity remains intact.


Main Features:

  • Scans the entire appliance HDD using five commercial anti-virus engines for ultimate malware detection results
  • Extremely high task sizes with multiple scan engines running in parallel, for uninterrupted scans of TB+ sized drives
  • Central management of connected appliances, scan policies and exceptions
  • Concurrent connection monitoring, scan history and incident reporting via email, SNMP, syslog
  • Central management of connected appliances, scan policies and exceptions

Sample Use Cases:

  • Scanning an entire laptop before entering an OT/critical network, ensuring ICS Security
  • Aviation and naval computers
  • C4ISR systems (UAV ground controllers)
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