Secure Browsing

1. Securing end-point browser isolation downloads

  • Enable safe file downloads from browser isolation software environments to endpoint stations on the local network.
GateScanner (GS) modules:
  • GateScanner API accesses API connectors provided by browser-isolation software vendors such as Menlo Security, Fireglass and others, to enable risk-free downloads from isolated browser environments. Files destined for download are channeled through GS CDR file-sanitization engine/s for de-contamination, prior to download to the local machine.

2. Secure download browser extension

  • Securing all web downloads on end-points to ensure that they do not contain threats.

GateScanner  modules:

  • The GateScanner Security Dome browser extension for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge and others; available on the Chrome Web Store), is part of the GateScanner Security Dome (GSSD) multi-route file sanitization solution.
    It transparently intercepts every download link clicked in the browser, and sends the requested file for scanning and disarming with CDR prior to delivery to the end-point for downloading.
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