Sasa Software’s GateScanner successfully blocks ransomware attacks on Assuta Medical Centers

Sasa Software's GateScanner solution successfully blocks ransomware attacks on Assuta Medical Centers

March 1, 2017

Sasa Software’s security solutions, designed for the medical sector, have successfully prevented attacks on the Assuta hospital network. Among other things, sophisticated and unrecognized ransomware attacks were successfully blocked.

Assuta – Medical Centers, the largest network of hospitals and medical centers in Israel, has implemented information security solutions, developed by Sasa Software, in order to prevent the theft of confidential medical information and to protect against ransomware attacks.

In June 2016, Assuta Medical Centers installed Sasa Software’s security solutions suite, which includes GateScanner CDR file-cleansing technology. CDR solutions perform, among other things, in-depth scans to identify threats and neutralize all files, including results of radiological imaging and all e-mails that arrive at the organization. The package provides maximum protection against unknown and unrecognizable threats.

Assuta Medical Centers has installed the following protection solutions:

“We have become the target of a number of ransomware attacks in recent months, including a newer version of the infamous Locky,” said Tamir Ronen, Assuta Medical Centers’ IT Security director. “GateScanner repelled these attacks and prevented possible harm to the organization. With Sasa Software’s security solutions, we feel more protected from unknown, unrecognizable malicious attacks.”

“Our positive experience at Assuta Medical Centers illustrates how hospitals and other medical institutions can defend themselves against sophisticated and highly targeted attacks and prevent the loss of sensitive medical information,” said Yaakov Yeroslav, founder and CEO of Sasa Software.

A detailed report authored by the American Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) indicates that medical institutions are the most attacked and least prepared sector of all critical infrastructures in the United States. Data indicates that 75% of organizations experience hacking attempts into enterprise information systems, with the health sector four times more exposed than any other field of activity.

“Such organizations, which will assimilate our security solutions, can guarantee themselves the highest level of security possible,” Yeroslav added.

Assuta Medical Centers has chosen Sasa Software solutions, after an in-depth examination of a number of other technologies. Sasa Software solutions have been selected due to the high level of security they offer, ease of use, ability to upgrade and integrate with other security solutions already in use by Assuta Medical Centers.

“Hackers are always looking for the easiest way to infiltrate an organization, utilizing the open content channels such as e-mail, the Internet, and portable media. Attackers use targeted attacks. For example, hospitals are under unique attacks using medical information files”, Yeroslav concluded. “We have proven that we can protect Assuta and other customers from such attacks.”

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