GateScanner – Salesforce connector brings data security to the cloud

GateScanner-Salesforce connector brings CDR data security to the cloud

Sasa Software has teamed up with Assuta Medical Centers, Israel’s largest private medical services provider, and Deloitte Digital, the world’s leading professional services firm, to develop a Salesforce security software connector that deliver Salesforce content protection in a transparent, SaaS-based modality.
GateScanner® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) Salesforce connector is a cloud based solution that ensures that every file delivered into the CRM is safe. GateScanner combines highly optimized Multi-AV and NextGen Detection technologies to pre-filter known threats and prevent undetectable attacks.
Using proprietary file disarm technology, GateScanner transforms every file into a neutralized (harmless) copy, protecting against weaponized content that has never been seen before.



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