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Sasa Software Joins Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
6月 11, 2024 // Sasa Software Joins the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Tel Aviv, 11 June 2024 – Sasa Software, a leading provider of content security solutions, is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Sasa Software as it joins other industry leaders to strengthen Israel’s cybersecurity capabilities and broaden the consortium’s world-class cybersecurity offeringsSasa Software will contribute its expertise in developing advanced solutions for file sanitization, aimed at enhancing the security of critical digital assets. Through its flagship product, GateScanner® CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), Sasa Software offers innovative defensive measures integrated across various platforms, including email accounts and specific applications.

The Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium, established in 2016 under the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of the Economy, aims to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for national infrastructures worldwide. With Sasa Software’s addition, the Consortium now comprises prominent industry players such as Check Point, Verint, and CyberArk, among others.

Yakov Yeroslav, CEO of Sasa Software, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, affirming the company’s commitment to safeguarding critical systems and contributing to the Consortium’s collective efforts in combating cyber threats. 

Link to the IAI’s announcement 

Sasa Software is a leading provider cyber security solutions protecting critical networks against file-based attacks, in email, fileshares, portable media and web downloads. The GateScanner suite features offers extreme content sanitization technology to effectively mitigate unknown zero-day threats in over 300 file types, including executables. 

For media inquiries please contact:
Eitan Greenberg
VP of Marketing
+972-4-8164389 
GS Analyzer: A Groundbreaking Static Binary Threat Analysis
May 6, 2024 // Announcing the GS Analyzer: A groundbreaking static binary threat analysis tool
GateScanner Introduces GS Analyzer: A Groundbreaking Static Binary Threat Analysis Component

[Tel Aviv, May 6, 2024] – Sasa Software, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, proudly announces the launch of GS Analyzer, an innovative static binary threat analysis component integrated into its renowned GateScanner CDR suite. GS Analyzer revolutionizes threat detection and mitigation by offering unparalleled insight into the potential risks posed by executable content in files.

In recent years, the cybersecurity landscape has witnessed a surge in sophisticated threats, including supply chain attacks like the infamous SolarWinds incident of 2020. Malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in executable files to infiltrate networks, leading to devastating consequences for organizations worldwide. Traditional defense mechanisms such as sandboxing often fall short, unable to detect and prevent these advanced threats in a timely manner.

GS Analyzer addresses this critical gap by employing state-of-the-art static binary analysis techniques. By reverse engineering executable code, GS Analyzer comprehensively examines every line and function within the code without the need for execution. This allows for the identification of potential threats at the gateway, significantly reducing the risk of undetected malware infiltration.

“GS Analyzer represents a paradigm shift in threat assessment for executable files,” said Eitan Greenberg, VP of Marketing at Sasa Software. “By leveraging advanced reverse engineering methods, we can provide organizations with a proactive defense against malicious code, enabling them to safeguard their digital assets and maintain operational continuity.”

Key features of GS Analyzer include:
  • Low Latency: Rapid threat assessment without introducing significant delays in file processing.
  • Automated Analysis: Streamlined workflow for efficient threat evaluation, reducing manual intervention.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Support for over 120 file types, including PDF, PNG, 7-Zip, Java, and more.

The integration of GS Analyzer into GateScanner CDR suite empowers organizations to implement automated threat-based filtering, allowing administrators to swiftly identify and mitigate high-risk content. This proactive approach enhances cybersecurity posture and minimizes the potential impact of malicious executables.

For more information about GS Analyzer and GateScanner’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, visit or contact

About GateScanner: GateScanner is a leading provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed to protect organizations from file-based attacks. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, GateScanner offers a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to meet the unique data security needs of businesses across industries. GS Analyser - Static Binary Threat Analysis
1月 15, 2024 // Three GateScanner CDR solutions are now available through Bynet, on the governmental Nimbus cloud project.
GateScanner now available on Israel's Nimbus cloud project
Sasa Software announced today that three of its CDR-based data sanitization solutions are approved for sale through its technological partner Bynet, on tier 5 of the governmental Nimbus cloud project. The three solutions approved for sale are the email security solution GateScanner Mail, the secure MFT solution GateScanner Security Dome and the API service for programmatic CDR file sanitization, GateScanner API.The cross-government Nimbus project provides a comprehensive framework for the provision of cloud services enabling government ministries and companies to move their public data to the cloud and develop more complete data systems and offer more advanced services.   
Sasa Software Continues to Provide Service During the War
10月 22, 2023
To all our customers and friends around the world,Israel is currently in a state of war which could continue for several more weeks.Sasa Software was well prepared with all necessary means to provide continuous, uninterrupted support and development services to all its customers in Israel and abroad.We would like to emphasize that an active mirror of the AV updating system is physically located in the United States and in a few days a mirror of the licensing system will also be set up in the US to ensure continuity of service.As always, we are at your service for any question or issue that may arise, through our routine support channels.Sasa SoftwareOctober 22, 2023
9月 28, 2023 // Sasa Software in collaboration with Athena Dynamics showcases the latest in CDR content sanitization technology at GovWare Singapore 2023
GateScanner Security Dome shines at GovWare '23 Singapore
Don’t miss out on GovWare this year – Sasa Software will be unveiling the GateScanner Security Dome – a ‘Swiss knife’ of secure file transfer and web content security. Learn about our ‘Security by Design’ solutions that bring unparalleled peace of mind to critical network defenders around the world.Presented in collaboration with our partners Athena Dynamics, a team of our most senior staff will be waiting  to hear about your organization’s specific data security challenges, and provide a tailored solution, drawing on a the wide range of award-winning Content Disarm and Reconstruction solutions in the GateScanner line.Looking forward to meeting you at GovWare this year!The GateScanner Team   GovWare 2023
9月 28, 2023 // Security by Design: MFT and Email Gateway solutions with CDR content sanitization built-in
Sasa Software Debuts at CyberCon Australia 2023
Sasa Software’s award-winning GateScanner CDR content security solution makes its first appearance in Australia – this year at CyberCon. In collaboration with Terrabyte Australia, we will be presenting the much-awaited GateScanner Dome – a web-based ‘Swiss knife’ of secured file transfer, storage and sharing with safe web browsing and download, and USB secure import, all in one!Also come and check out GateScanner Mail Gateway featuring all standard email security capabilities PLUS Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology for bullet-proof enterprise email security!We look forward to meeting you at the Terrabyte Australia stand in Melbourne!  CyberCon 2023
5月 3, 2023
GateScanner CDR to be showcased at it-sa
it-sa 2023, Nuremberg | Oct. 10 – 12, 2023 Sasa Software showcases latest innovations in its award-winning GateScanner CDR file security solutions – email security, secure file transfer and USB import with embedded CDR technology. Come meet the experts in network security for critical networks. Find out how you can benefit from GateScanner’s unparalleled anti-malware prevention capabilities. Don’t settle for less than Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). Prevent the Undetectable.We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Hall 6 – #6-130In collaboration with Lion Software GMBHLion Software
New local-to-cloud file transfer utility released
5月 3, 2023 // Sasa Software launches GateScanner Storebridge with free demo
Sasa Software launches the GateScanner Storebridge utility for file transfer automation between local folders and cloud storage.The desktop utility offers automated transfer and sync between multiple local and on-cloud storage locations.A limited version named ‘Storebridge Essentials’ is available for free download on the GateScanner website. Storebridge Free Download
Sasa Software Wins Award for Medical Imaging Data Security Solution
3月 1, 2023
‘People and Computers’ has announced the winners of its 2022 ‘Excellence in Computing’ competition, naming Sasa Software as a winner of the IT Awards in the Command & Control category, for its new GateScanner Imaging Gateway, combining streamlined remote access capabilities with state-of-the art data security.The prize-winning gateway, developed in cooperation with Sheba Medical Center, enables staff and patients to upload radiological studies directly to the organizational PACS via an online portal supporting the hospital’s outreach and e-health initiatives. Read More
1月 11, 2023
GateScanner Comes To RSAC 2023
RSA Conference 2023, Moscone Center | Apr. 24 – 27, 2023 Sasa Software showcases latest innovations in its award-winning GateScanner CDR file security solutions – email security, secure file transfer and USB import with embedded CDR technology. Come meet the experts in network security for critical networks. Find out how you can benefit from GateScanner’s unparalleled anti-malware prevention capabilities. Don’t settle for less than Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). Prevent the Undetectable.Looking forward to meeting you at booth #5519
          • Get your complimentary free pass to the RSAC 23 exhibition here
          • Get a $150 discount on full registration here
12月 21, 2022
Meet us at Cybertech Global, Tel Aviv, Jan 30 - 2 Feb 2023
Sasa Software will be presenting its latest additions to the GateScanner CDR line at the Cybertech exhibition in Tel Aviv to be held between January 30th and February 2nd. Our team will be in full attendance, eager to analyze your threat exposure together with you and find the best match for your network’s particular security needs. Additionally, we will be demo’ing our new GateScanner Mail Gateway and Security Dome products. We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv!  Cybertech Global Tel Aviv January 2023
10月 18, 2022
Sasa Software at GovWare '22 Singapore
Sasa Software comes to GovWare 2022 exhibition in Singapore in cooperation with our local partners Athena Dynamics, presenting GateScanner suite at stand G22.We look forward to meet our existing and prospective clients, to listen and share updates on new features and products.You can book a meeting with us here
June 26, 2022 // Sasa Software comes to Washington for SelectUSA Investment Summit
Sasa Software comes to Washington for SelectUSA Investment Summit - June 26-29, 2022
Come meet Sasa Software’s leadership at SelectUSA Investment Summit to be held on June 26-29 in National Harbor, MD. This is a great opportunity to discuss your organization’s IT security needs and receive the most authoritative and creative consideration from our ‘Guru’s’ and to find the best security package to suit your needs. Looking forward to meeting you! SelectUSA 22
6月 8, 2022 // GateScanner Virtual Stand
GateScanner on display @ Infosecurity Europe - ExCel London - June 21-23, 2022
Meet our experts and get a live demo of our GateScanner Content Disarm & Reconstruction file-sanitization solutions. GateScanner content sanitization modules protect critical OT/IT networks from file-borne attacks arriving on all routes – email, file transfers, portable media and web downloads. Looking forward to meeting you at stand V36. GateScanner Virtual Stand
5月 6, 2022 // Join us at RSA 2022
Welcome to RSA 2022 - come meet us at booth #4201 - June 6-9, 2022
Sasa Software – the Content Disarm & Reconstruction experts – will be presenting the latest GateScanner CDR products at RSA 2022 / booth #4201 .Cyber-security leaders, managers and professionals are invited to learn about our award-winning content-sanitization solutions and how they seriously ratchet up any network’s security profile.Looking forward to see you all in San Francisco!The Sasa Software team  Get Your Free Expo Pass Code Here
3月 9, 2022 // Meet Sasa Software at CIO Visions Summit
Meet Sasa Software at CIO Visions Summit - April 10, Orlando, FL
Meet the experts at the CIO Visions Summit and find out how our CDR content sanitization tools protect networks from ransomware, zero-day and APT attacks. One powerful solution covers all your content channels to provide up 99% protection against file-borne attacks.‘Prevent the Undetectable’ with GateScanner Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology.See you in Orlando!The GateScanner teamCIO VISIONS SPRING (
10月 17, 2021
Meet Sasa Software in NYC at Cybertech NYC 2021: 10/20/21
Meet Sasa Software, the developers of GateScanner Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) – content sanitization solutions – at Cybertech NYC 2021, held at The New Glasshouse, NYC.
Schedule a meeting here
We look forward to meeting you!
Israeli Cyber Security Webinar- I.J.ビジネス道社
7月 13, 2021
Sasa Software took part in an experts panel together with a select group of Israeli innovators in cyber security, to discuss recent developing cyber-threats and novel, cutting edge solutions to meet them. Overview- Israel is the world’s second largest global hub for cybersecurity innovation, and Israel’s cybersecurity sector is said to account for 10% of global sales and 20% of investment in this area.Date and time: Hakuwa July 13, 2016 16:00-17:30
Organizer: I.J. Business Do Company
Sponsored by: Economic Department of the Embassy of Israel in Japan
More information and Registration at
July 1, 2021
Live Webinar: Charting Maritime Cybersecurity Risks
The maritime industry is poised as a prime target due to the increasing attack surface.With interconnectivity in the logistics chain growing in the age of IoT – from the vessel and its systems,shore management to government agencies requiring electronic reporting of vessel information.The time is now to prioritize your Maritime cybersecurity strategy.Join APAC’s leading professionals for an overview of the pertinent solutions your company should have to create an all-rounded plan against threats.Register here
May 31, 2021
GateScanner On Display at the Dubai GISEC 2021 Cybersecurity Show
Sasa Software is honored to participate in the upcoming GISEC 2021 cybersecurity show in Dubai, UAE.We see key importance in this foundational opportunity to forge cooperations in cybersecurity for the mutual benefit of all allied players in the region. GateScanner Suite is an advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology solution offering top-grade cyber protection to hundreds of OT/ICS critical networks in Israel and around the world.Visit us at stand SS1-D5, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, May 31st to June 2nd at the Dubai World Trade Center, or – select a convenient location / Zoom meeting.Schedule a meeting and receive a FREE personal Darknet report via Neocyber, our Cyber insurance partner (limited to the first 25 registrants).To book a meeting – click here.We look forward to meeting you!
17 February, 2021 // SASA Software - Prevención frente a ataques dirigidos - Tecnología CDR
SASA Software - Prevención frente a ataques dirigidos - Tecnología CDR
En esta sesión online presentaremos nuestro reciente acuerdo de distribución con Sasa Software, fabricante de la tecnología GateScanner® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), el cual, proporciona soluciones de seguridad de red avanzadas para OT / ICS, redes de infraestructuras críticas y de atención médica en más de 250 empresas de todo el mundo. Compañía Israelita, con raíces en la industria de defensa, han sido reconocidos por Gartner como ‘Cool Vendor in Cyber-Physical Systems Security’ (2020), y por Frost & Sullivan como ‘TIC de Asia Pacífico (Infraestructuras críticas) Proveedor de seguridad del año 2017.
Además, daremos una descripción general de los recientes ataques basados ​​en archivos, una descripción general de CDR como tecnología y el conjunto de soluciones de Sasa Software.

Hosted by Cefiros, Spain.

End users – registrar aquí
Channel partners – registrar aquí

GateScanner - Salesforce connector brings data security to the cloud
2月 1, 2021
GateScanner® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) connector to Salesforce is a cloud-based Salesforce content protection solution, that ensures that every file delivered into the CRM is safe.GateScanner’s Salseforce security software combines highly optimized Multi-AV and NextGen Detection technologiesto pre-filter known threats and prevents undetectable attacks. Using proprietary file disarm, GateScanner transforms every file into a neutralized (harmless) copy, protecting against weaponized content that has never been seen before. Ensure the security of documents uploaded to Salesforce. Read more…
Sasa Software achieves ISO 27799 certification for health information security management
12月 13, 2020 // Sasa Software - makers of GateScanner CDR cybersecurity solutions for the protection of highly sensitive networks is now ISO 29977 certified.
Sasa Software, makers of GateScanner CDR advanced network security solutions for public and private sector organizations is happy to announce that it is now ISO 27799 certified for all GateScanner suite security products.View certificate
10月 5, 2020
GateScanner Featured at Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities 2020
Join us for the upcoming Cyber Security for Energy and Utilities 2020 Digi-Conference! Learn how file-based attacks on OT/ICS networks can be prevented. In our session “Prevention of file-based attacks on OT & ICS Networks – lessons learned from the Garmin WastedLocker ransomware incident“, Sasa Software’s Oren Dvoskin analyses ransomware attacks, showing how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology can effectively block them. With built-in CDR capabilities, GateScanner suite of advanced security modules and flexible architecture, offers a wide range of customization to meet any network configuration. GateScanner has been securing highly-sensitive critical networks around the world since 2013. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your organization’s network security needs!
When: October 19, 2020 | 08:15 UTC (12:15 local)
Register here:  
September 21, 2020 // Sasa Software at GSX+: Preventing Attacks on OT and ICS Networks
GSX+2020: Preventing OT and ICS Attacks
Join us at GSX+ 2020 for a session on preventing attacks on OT and ICS networks.Global infrastructures and industrial manufacturers are seeing an increase in attacks on operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks. Many current incidents have been driven by spear phishing and ransomware attacks. A recurring pattern involves the use of mutated ransomware, such as LockerGoga, ICS-specific attacks, such as Trisis, and attacks targeting disruption of activities rather than financial gain. Preventing these attacks can be achieve through a three-pronged approach: using signature-less technologies, including Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR); segmenting networks to contain risks; and protecting OT/ICS-specific attack vectors, including portable (USB) media and computing appliances. Link to session
September 14, 2020
GateScanner® Security Dome at HLS & Cyber 2020
Visit us at HLS & Cyber 2020 for live demos of GateScanner® Security Dome – the latest addition to Sasa Software’s award-winning GateScanner line of CDR-based advanced network security solutions.GateScanner Security Dome offers multi-route content security featuring CDR as a Service (CDRaaS). One comprehensive solution for :– Secure File Sharing and uploads – Secure Mail – Browser-based portable (USB) media security – Browser plugin for securing Web downloads – Automated file transfers – Automation client for B2B and internal file-vault synchronization – Cloud storage synchronization. Link to event
August 31, 2020 // Israe-Ghana: Building Cyber Security Capacity - Protecting Infrastructures
Webinar: Cyber Security Capacity Building
Israel-Ghana webinar: Cyber Security Capacity Building – Critical Measures for COVID-19 challenges

Join the Israel Export Institute and Sasa Software for a discussion on how to protect critical infrastructure during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Monday, August 31st at 14:40 IDT

Join the webinar
August 10, 2020 // Preventing file-based attacks on critical networks: Lessons from the Garmin ransomware incident
Preventing file-based attacks - ITWeb Security Summit 2020
Join us for a session on ‘Preventing file-based attacks on critical networks: Lessons from the Garmin ransomware incident” at the ITWeb Security Summit 2020.Sasa Software’s Oren Dvoskin will analyse recent signature-less, file based attack patterns on critical infrastructures, and will introduce Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology as an effective preventive measure for the protection of high-risk channels like e-mail, file shares and portable (USB) media.The virtual session will be held on August 27th at 17:05 IDT Hosted and sponsored by ASG Africa. Read the interview with Oren Dvoskin | Link to session >>
Menlo Security integrates GateScanner CDR
9月 6, 2020 // Menlo Security integrates GateScanner CDR into it's secure web gateway.
Menlo Security has recently announced it will be integrating Sasa Software’s GateScanner® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology into its Secure Web Gateway (SWG), offering companies the ability to sanitize their files, neutralizing any known and unknown threats without compromising functionality.Sanjit Shah, head of strategic alliances at Menlo Security, said that he was pleased to be able to deliver a joint solution that “solves a pressing problem and delivers tremendous value to the market”, adding that “CDR is an important technology that enhances productivity and the end user experience by allowing employees to access the native file formats without compromising security.”  Menlo Securtiy Press Release
Garmin WastedLocker attack: Can we prevent ransomware attacks?
8月 23, 2020 // The Garmin WastedLocker ransomware attack could have been prevented with CDR technology
The recent WastedLocker ransomware attack on Garmin brought down navigation services to millions of users and effected core manufacturing systems. In an interview in CyclingTips, Sasa Software’s Global Marketing Director (and avid cyclist), Oren T. Dvoskin, walks us through the mechanism of attack and shows how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology can effectively be used to prevent ransomware attacks. Read the blog post.
Wed, June 3rd, 2020
Virtual event: CYpBER 2020 / Energy, Oil & Gas and Maritime Cybersecurity

Sasa Software is pleased to invite you to CYpBER, virtual Cybersecurity event hosted by the Republic of Cyprus,

focusing on Energy, Oil & Gas and Maritime security topics with key European experts.

Join a discussion about prevention of file-based attacks on OT and ICS networks @ 17:00 – 18:30 EEST (GMT+3)

Complimentary FREE registration here, using code: SAS-C (limited availability, contact us if space runs out)

Sasa Software partners with SentinelOne to offer NextGen AI-driven Security
February 20, 2020

Sasa Software has partnered with SentinelOne to integrate its NextGen AI engine into the GateScanner CDR platform.

By adding the S1 Nexus Embedded SDK we significantly enhance security for files that cannot be disarmed using NextGen AI-driven detection.

February 24-27, 2020
RSA Conference 2020, Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA
Meet Sasa Software at RSAC, the world’s leading cybersecurity conference.Experience a live demo of our NEW Cloud-based Security Dome, Email security, OT/ICS protection suite, and more!Join us at booth #N-4305, North Hall, Moscone Center.  Schedule a meeting with us here.Treat yourself to a FREE RSA Expo pass with code XE0USASA. Read more >>
January 28-30, 2020
Cybertech Global 2020, Tel Aviv Convention Center, Israel

Join Sasa Software at Cybertech Global for the launch of our NEW GateScanner® Security Dome – Multi-Route content security, delivering CDR as a Service!

Journal of Cyber Policy: Preventing undetectable file-based threats
11月 20, 2019

This article by the Journal of Cyber Policy discusses how why file-based attacks are one of the greatest challenges in cybersecurity.

As well as how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) addresses the need to prevent these threats.

November 26-27, 2019
Cybertech Tokyo 2019, Toranomon Hills Forum Tokyo, Japan

Join Sasa Software and NERV Enterprise at Cybertech Tokyo and meet the leading Israeli Cybersecurity companies.

Learn how to prevent undetectable APTs, Exploits, Zero Days and Ransomware using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

Want a FREE visitor pass?  Use our registration code: sasajpn2019ex

November 18-19, 2019
Cyber Business Mission to the East Coast, NYC, Philadelphia and Hamilton

Meet Sasa Software presented by Bavelle Technologies at the Israel Export Cyber mission to the East Coast.

Join us as the Israel – Delaware Valley Cybersecurity Expo for meetings with top tier companies including:

Barclays, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, CSL Behring, Dell/EMC, Computer Aid, Inc.,

Cloud Engineering, Evolve IP, Security Shell, Slalom, 3Comply, MRS BPO, LLC, NJ Office Of Homeland Security, BOFA, NYPD, HSBC and more!

October 22-25, 2019
GridSecCon 2019, Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia

Join Sasa Software presented by Bavelle Technologies at GridSecCon 2019 hosted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Learn how to ensure portable (USB, CD/DVD) media security and NERC CIP-003-7 compliance using our Cybersecurity Kiosk.

October 23-25, 2019
Japan It Week Autumn Medical Expo 2019, Makuhari Messe, Japan

Join us at Japan IT Week Autumn Medical Expo  and visit Sasa Software presented by Sun Denshi launching GateScanner DICOM Protector in Japan.

GateScanner DICOM Protector is a a unique healthcare offering to ensure security of DICOM file transfers.

October 9-11, 2019
Security Days Tokyo Fall 2019, JP Tower Hall and Conference

Join Sasa Software and NERV Enterprise at Security days Tokyo, Japan.

Experience a live demo on preventing undetectable file-based attacks using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

1-3 October ’19
Govware, Singapore, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center

Join Sasa Software and Sasa APAC at GovWare, Singapore’s largest Government IT security conference.

Meet our Singapore and Israeli team for a live demo on preventing undetectable file-based attacks.

6-7 August ’19
Tech in Gov Canberra
8 July ’19
Future of Finance
19-20 June ’19
Cybertech Thailand
Portable (USB) media requires strict regulatory compliance
May 29, 2019
SCMedia published this excellent article by Robert “Bob” Bigman (previous CISO of the CIA) about the risks involved with portable media, regulatory compliance (including NERC CIP-003-7) and how cybersecurity kiosks by Sasa Software provide a solution. Read more >>
4月 29, 2019
FS-ISAC Annual summit 2019 // Sun, April 28th to Wed May 1st 2019, Orlando, FL

Meet Sasa Software at FS-ISAC, the leading financial services info-sec summit.

At the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

We look forward to meeting you at the Innovative technologies pavilion.

Read about Sasa-Software in Behold Israel:
3月 17, 2019

The Kibbutz Cybersecurity Company

Behold Israel spoke with one of Israel’s leading cybersecurity companies from a kibbutz on the border with Lebanon

2月 26, 2019
STKI Summit // 8 April 2019
Meet us at STKI Summit 2019 in Israel Read more >>
RSA Conference 2019 // Double Tree by Hilton, Houston Greenway Plaza, 6 Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas, USA
Cyber Security for Critical Assets | CS4CA USA // Tue-Thu, March 26th – 28th 2019, Houston, Texas

Join Sasa Software and IT & OT Security experts from Oil & Gas, Energy, Utility, Water, Power & Maritime industries at the 7th annual Cyber Security for Critical Assets conference.  Meet us and learn how to prevent portable media attacks, and comply with portable media security requirements including NERC CIP 003-7 using the GateScanner® Cybersecurity Kiosk system.

RSA Conference 2019 // 4-8 March 2019, San Francisco, USA
GateScanner @ RSA 2019
Meet Sasa Software at the world’s leading security conference this spring. We look forward to greeting you at booth #N4317 in the North Hall, Moscone Center.
Treat yourself to a free RSA Expo pass with code XEU9SASASOFT Read more >>
GateScanner receives a new website
1 March 2019 // Kibbutz Sasa, Israel
Presenting the latest news and updates from Sasa Software on GateScanner CDR products and solutions. We’re glad you stopped by! Read more >>
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