New kid on the block: Introducing GateScanner Mail Gateway – an interview with Yakov Yeroslav

On the Future of Email Security

Introducing GateScanner Mail Gateway

An interview with Yakov Yeroslav, CEO of Sasa Software

Q: Sasa Software has been at the forefront of file-based cyber-protection for several years now, with the GateScanner USB Kiosk successfully installed in hundreds of locations around the world. What prompted Sasa Software to go ahead and develop a secure mail gateway product in an already dense SEG market?
Large enterprises have responded to the growing complexity of cyber-threats by implementing multiple security tools chained in a row. This practice has its problems. Redundancies are inevitably created and there is a growing realization that having more tools in line doesn't always equal having more security.
Maintaining multiple tools also adds significant overhead to the IT team, with more components to update, more contracts to maintain and more integrations to constantly review and reconfigure.
We are hearing more and more from our clients about their need for a consolidation of the security tools, and we chose to start with email security since it is the leading and most vulnerable attack surface for most organizations.

Mail Gateway offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly bundles together all email security capabilities available today on the market, including AI (in partnership with SentinelOne). Equipped with a central management console, a suite of fully-integrated modules gives network administrators unprecedented control over the scope and depth of processing, allowing them to customize file-sanitization levels for each network, and user-profile, individually.
We believe GateScanner Mail Gateway is the most comprehensive and advanced email security solution for enterprises today, and the only one offering full-cycle Content Disarm & Reconstruction file sanitization capability, as an integral part of the solution

What does 'full-cycle Content Disarm and Reconstruction' mean?
It means that GateScanner dissembles each email and attachment to their basic building blocks. Each piece is then separately de-constructed , scanned and reconstructed, and then the entire email is re-assembled into a completely new message. GateScanner's ability to reformulate the original email into a completely new and functionally identical copy, sets it apart from other solutions, and gives it it's extraordinary malware obstruction capabilities.
GateScanner even tackles encrypted attachments, by prompting users - as an integral part of the file sanitization process - to self-decrypt the attachment and in this way ensures that no attachment skips processing.
What does the future hold for email?
YY: I believe email will continue to be the main channel of business communication in the foreseeable future and therefore it will continue to be a major target for cyber-attacks, with a growing potential to cause serious disruption, up to complete shutdown of operations. As far as email security response, we expect to see a growing reliance on AI, especially for anti-phishing purposes. GateScanner Mail gateway is the natural evolution of our already proven email security solution, GateScanner Mail, five years and running.

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