GateScanner DICOM Protector

GateScanner DICOM Protector – Sharing medical imaging data securely 

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the international standard for communication of medical imaging information. DICOM files are used daily by health organizations around the world, and it is exactly this prevalence that makes them especially attractive as vehicles for the transmission of embedded malware into healthcare organizations.
In times of pandemic, but not only then, an increased need for remote communication of radiological data – either directly from patients or from off-line clinics – is being felt. This file transfer, frequently incorporating the use of portable media such as CD, DVD and USB sticks, adds a considerable attack surface to the healthcare organization’s network, and as such, is growing concern for healthcare IT security teams.

GateScanner® DICOM Protector offers safe uploading of imaging files – X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans – from any type of portable media via dedicated uploading stations. These hardened, pre-configured end-points, positioned at strategic locations throughout the organization, offer ‘safe ports’ by which patients and staff can securely upload DICOM data. GateScanner performs proprietary, multi-AV, deep-threat scans on all incoming DICOM files, including included viewer software. Safe files, clean of any malware, are produced, and the full functionality and clinical data integrity of the uploaded files is preserved.
GatyeScanner Dicom

Main Features:

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