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September 14, 2020
GateScanner® Security Dome at HLS & Cyber 2020
Visit us at HLS & Cyber 2020 for live demos of GateScanner® Security Dome – the latest addition to Sasa Software’s award-winning GateScanner line of CDR-based advanced network security solutions. GateScanner Security Dome offers multi-route content security featuring CDR as a Service (CDRaaS). One comprehensive solution for : – Secure File Sharing and uploads – Secure Mail – Browser-based portable (USB) media security – Browser plugin for Web downloads – Automated file transfers – Automation client for B2B and internal file-vault synchronization – Cloud storage synchronization. Link to event
September 21, 2020 // Sasa Software at GSX+: Preventing Attacks on OT and ICS Networks
GSX+2020: Preventing OT and ICS Attacks
Join us at GSX+ 2020 for a session on preventing attacks on OT and ICS networks. Global infrastructures and industrial manufacturers are seeing an increase in attacks on operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks. Many current incidents have been driven by spear phishing and ransomware attacks. A recurring pattern involves the use of mutated ransomware, such as LockerGoga, ICS-specific attacks, such as Trisis, and attacks targeting disruption of activities rather than financial gain. Preventing these attacks can be achieve through a three-pronged approach: using signature-less technologies, including Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR); segmenting networks to contain risks; and protecting OT/ICS-specific attack vectors, including portable (USB) media and computing appliances. Link to session
August 31, 2020 // Israe-Ghana: Building Cyber Security Capacity - Protecting Infrastructures
Webinar: Cyber Security Capacity Building
Israel-Ghana webinar: Cyber Security Capacity Building – Critical Measures for COVID-19 challenges

Join the Israel Export Institute and Sasa Software for a discussion on how to protect critical infrastructure during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Monday, August 31st at 14:40 IDT

Join the webinar
August 10, 2020 // Preventing file-based attacks on critical networks: Lessons from the Garmin ransomware incident
Preventing file-based attacks - ITWeb Security Summit 2020
Join us for a session on ‘Preventing file-based attacks on critical networks: Lessons from the Garmin ransomware incident” at the ITWeb Security Summit 2020. Sasa Software’s Oren Dvoskin will analyse recent signature-less, file based attack patterns on critical infrastructures, and will introduce Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology as an effective preventive measure for the protection of high-risk channels like e-mail, file shares and portable (USB) media. The virtual session will be held on August 27th at 17:05 IDT Hosted and sponsored by ASG Africa.   Read the interview with Oren Dvoskin | Link to session >>
Menlo Security integrates GateScanner CDR
9月 6, 2020 // Menlo Security integrates GateScanner CDR into it's secure web gateway.
Menlo Security has recently announced it will be integrating Sasa Software’s GateScanner® Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology into its Secure Web Gateway (SWG), offering companies the ability to sanitize their files, neutralizing any known and unknown threats without compromising functionality. Sanjit Shah, head of strategic alliances at Menlo Security, said that he was pleased to be able to deliver a joint solution that “solves a pressing problem and delivers tremendous value to the market”, adding that “CDR is an important technology that enhances productivity and the end user experience by allowing employees to access the native file formats without compromising security.”   Menlo Securtiy Press Release
Garmin WastedLocker attack: Can we prevent ransomware attacks?
8月 23, 2020 // The Garmin WastedLocker ransomware attack could have been prevented with CDR technology
The recent WastedLocker ransomware attack on Garmin brought down navigation services to millions of users and effected core manufacturing systems. In an interview in CyclingTips, Sasa Software’s Global Marketing Director (and avid cyclist), Oren T. Dvoskin, walks us through the mechanism of attack and shows how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology can effectively be used to prevent ransomware attacks. Read the blog post.
Wed, June 3rd, 2020
Virtual event: CYpBER 2020 / Energy, Oil & Gas and Maritime Cybersecurity

Sasa Software is pleased to invite you to CYpBER, virtual Cybersecurity event hosted by the Republic of Cyprus,

focusing on Energy, Oil & Gas and Maritime security topics with key European experts.

Join a discussion about prevention of file-based attacks on OT and ICS networks @ 17:00 – 18:30 EEST (GMT+3)

Complimentary FREE registration here, using code: SAS-C (limited availability, contact us if space runs out)

Sasa Software partners with SentinelOne to offer NextGen AI-driven Security
February 20, 2020

Sasa Software has partnered with SentinelOne to integrate its NextGen AI engine into the GateScanner CDR platform.

By adding the S1 Nexus Embedded SDK we significantly enhance security for files that cannot be disarmed using NextGen AI-driven detection.

February 24-27, 2020
RSA Conference 2020, Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA
Meet Sasa Software at RSAC, the world’s leading cybersecurity conference. Experience a live demo of our NEW Cloud-based Security Dome, Email security, OT/ICS protection suite, and more! Join us at booth #N-4305, North Hall, Moscone Center.  Schedule a meeting with us here. Treat yourself to a FREE RSA Expo pass with code XE0USASA. Read more >>
January 28-30, 2020
Cybertech Global 2020, Tel Aviv Convention Center, Israel

Join Sasa Software at Cybertech Global for the launch of our NEW GateScanner® Security Dome – Multi-Route content security, delivering CDR as a Service!

Journal of Cyber Policy: Preventing undetectable file-based threats
11月 20, 2019

This article by the Journal of Cyber Policy discusses how why file-based attacks are one of the greatest challenges in cybersecurity.

As well as how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) addresses the need to prevent these threats.

November 26-27, 2019
Cybertech Tokyo 2019, Toranomon Hills Forum Tokyo, Japan

Join Sasa Software and NERV Enterprise at Cybertech Tokyo and meet the leading Israeli Cybersecurity companies.

Learn how to prevent undetectable APTs, Exploits, Zero Days and Ransomware using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

Want a FREE visitor pass?  Use our registration code: sasajpn2019ex

November 18-19, 2019
Cyber Business Mission to the East Coast, NYC, Philadelphia and Hamilton

Meet Sasa Software presented by Bavelle Technologies at the Israel Export Cyber mission to the East Coast.

Join us as the Israel – Delaware Valley Cybersecurity Expo for meetings with top tier companies including:

Barclays, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, CSL Behring, Dell/EMC, Computer Aid, Inc.,

Cloud Engineering, Evolve IP, Security Shell, Slalom, 3Comply, MRS BPO, LLC, NJ Office Of Homeland Security, BOFA, NYPD, HSBC and more!

October 22-25, 2019
GridSecCon 2019, Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia

Join Sasa Software presented by Bavelle Technologies at GridSecCon 2019 hosted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Learn how to ensure portable (USB, CD/DVD) media security and NERC CIP-003-7 compliance using our Cybersecurity Kiosk.

October 23-25, 2019
Japan It Week Autumn Medical Expo 2019, Makuhari Messe, Japan

Join us at Japan IT Week Autumn Medical Expo  and visit Sasa Software presented by Sun Denshi launching GateScanner DICOM Protector in Japan.

GateScanner DICOM Protector is a a unique healthcare offering to ensure security of DICOM file transfers.

October 9-11, 2019
Security Days Tokyo Fall 2019, JP Tower Hall and Conference

Join Sasa Software and NERV Enterprise at Security days Tokyo, Japan.

Experience a live demo on preventing undetectable file-based attacks using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

1-3 October ’19
Govware, Singapore, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center

Join Sasa Software and Sasa APAC at GovWare, Singapore’s largest Government IT security conference.

Meet our Singapore and Israeli team for a live demo on preventing undetectable file-based attacks.

6-7 August ’19
Tech in Gov Canberra
8 July ’19
Future of Finance
19-20 June ’19
Cybertech Thailand
Portable (USB) media requires strict regulatory compliance
May 29, 2019
SCMedia published this excellent article by Robert “Bob” Bigman (previous CISO of the CIA) about the risks involved with portable media, regulatory compliance (including NERC CIP-003-7) and how cybersecurity kiosks by Sasa Software provide a solution. Read more >>
4月 29, 2019
FS-ISAC Annual summit 2019 // Sun, April 28th to Wed May 1st 2019, Orlando, FL

Meet Sasa Software at FS-ISAC, the leading financial services info-sec summit.

At the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

We look forward to meeting you at the Innovative technologies pavilion.

Read about Sasa-Software in Behold Israel:
3月 17, 2019

The Kibbutz Cybersecurity Company

Behold Israel spoke with one of Israel’s leading cybersecurity companies from a kibbutz on the border with Lebanon

2月 26, 2019
STKI Summit // 8 April 2019
Meet us at STKI Summit 2019 in Israel Read more >>
RSA Conference 2019 // Double Tree by Hilton, Houston Greenway Plaza, 6 Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas, USA
Cyber Security for Critical Assets | CS4CA USA // Tue-Thu, March 26th – 28th 2019, Houston, Texas

Join Sasa Software and IT & OT Security experts from Oil & Gas, Energy, Utility, Water, Power & Maritime industries at the 7th annual Cyber Security for Critical Assets conference.  Meet us and learn how to prevent portable media attacks, and comply with portable media security requirements including NERC CIP 003-7 using the GateScanner® Cybersecurity Kiosk system.

RSA Conference 2019 // 4-8 March 2019, San Francisco, USA
GateScanner @ RSA 2019
Meet Sasa Software at the world’s leading security conference this spring. We look forward to greeting you at booth #N4317 in the North Hall, Moscone Center.
Treat yourself to a free RSA Expo pass with code XEU9SASASOFT Read more >>
GateScanner receives a new website
1 March 2019 // Kibbutz Sasa, Israel
Presenting the latest news and updates from Sasa Software on GateScanner CDR products and solutions. We’re glad you stopped by! Read more >>
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