GateScanner Security Dome

GateScanner Security Dome: Comprehensive content channel protection with CDR 

Content sharing is critical for every organization’s activities but is also a primary source for concern.
Receiving files from customers, suppliers and partners can introduce risks, since file-based attacks including zero days, exploits, and other weaponized content can evade scanning and detection technologies.

GateScanner Security Dome protects multiple content delivery routes by leveraging GateScanner CDR, all under one solution:

  • Secure File Sharing and uploads
  • Secure Mail
  • Browser-based portable (USB) media security
  • Browser plugin for Web downloads
  • Automated file transfers
  • Automation client for B2B  and internal file-vault synchronization
  • Cloud storage synchronization

Key Features:

  • Ensures content you receive is safe by preventing advanced and undetectable file-based attacks.
  • All files are stored in a highly secure and encrypted vault, offering an alternative to the CyberArk file vault.
  • Web-based, multi-tenant, SaaS capable solution.
  • Flexible deployment: On-premise, private cloud, As a Service.