The Gate Scanner Concept

Sasa Software is a leading cyber security provider of extensive content sanitization and deep malware elimination solutions. We protect over 150 enterprises, focusing on governmental agencies, financial institutions, healthcare and critical infrastructures. Read More…

Gate Scanner® treats every file as suspicious, eliminating known, unknown and undetectable threats using technologies that manipulate the contents of files, scanning deeply into embedded elements.  The results are files that are disarmed of threats, which can be used safely and securely, in the most sensitive organizations, while maintaining usability.


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Making headlines at Japan IT Week (Japanese)

“出展していた企業の1つのSasa Softwareの製品GateScannerはイスラエルの政府機関で多く採用され、その実績が認められて各国の政府や銀行などでも多く導入されている。 ”

Sasa Software Blocks Ransomware Attacks on Assuta Hospital

Read the press release from Yahoo Finance here:



Cyber attackers ceaselessly pursue financial services companies, seeking to breach confidential data.  Gate Scanner® reduces exposure to potential attacks by protecting content delivered over the organization’s trusted communication channels.


Defense organizations have been under attacks by state and non-state actors striving to leak classified information and disrupt operations.  Gate Scanner® protects leading security organizations and defense contractors, allowing them to securely deliver content into classified networks.


Cyber-attacks on governmental institutions are becoming common, sophisticated and damaging.  Sasa Software has extensive experience in protecting government organizations, protecting the majority of Israel’s government offices, and government offices in Singapore.

Public Utilities

Energy providers, oil, gas and chemical manufacturers are under constant attack, with critical sensitivity to down time.  The Gate Scanner® suite of solutions allows to safely introduce content from the outside into sensitive engineering networks.


Healthcare is the most targeted yet underprepared genre of critical infrastructures, suffering from a deluge of highly publicized ransomware attacks.  Gate Scanner® has successfully protected leading hospitals, service providers and manufacturers against these attacks.

Industry, Commerce and Retail

Industrial companies, commerce, retail and other businesses risk breach of sensitive customer information, financial data, intellectual property and loss of reputation.  Gate Scanner® protects commercial organizations by transforming high risk content into safe business assets.